MorePowerTool: The Ultimate GPU Performance Booster


Advanced programs designed to fine-tune the GPU encourage all users of the computers to pick and use one of the most suitable programs. MorePowerTool is renowned for its extraordinary features to increase the frequency of the processor, reduce power consumption, and perform other important actions. As a beginner to this tool, you can explore the basic features and settings of this program in detail. This utility supports its users to squeeze out maximum performance while overclocking the graphics card.

More Power Tool Settings

A smart method to customize the GPU

Have you decided to customize your GPU without complexity and delay in any aspect? You can prefer and use the MorePowerTool hereafter. Every user of this program can alter the settings and make positive changes in their approach to using the computer. This program is successfully developed by the RBRT Red BIOS Rebellion Team / RTG. If you have properly installed this program on your computer, you can download and load the pre-installed V-BIOS.

MorePowerTool successfully works with all Navi maps. The latest version of Red BIOS Editor lets write the complete modifications of MorePowerTool directly to the BIOS of the RX 5600 XT, 5700 XT (X), and RX 5700. It saves the BIOS as a flashable file.

This tool supports three Radeon generations especially the Radeon VII, the RX 5500 (XT), and RX 5700 (X). There are special entities in these three chip types. The most recent version of this tool is available with new functions, a thoroughly revised engine, and other exclusive things to give remarkable benefits to all users.

How to use the MorePowerTool

Everyone with an expectation to get the complete benefits of the MorePowerTool can download and install it first. You can download this tool from the official website of The next step is to install this program by clicking the “Next” button everywhere. Do not forget that this tool informs its users that it requires running with administrator rights during the installation phase.

You must save the current BIOS and run the MorePowerTool.exe as administrator. MorePowerTool changes the SoftPowerPlayTables and lets the graphics card get the highest possible power. If you use this tool, then you bypass the thermal design power limit of the graphics card and get improved overclocking headroom.

You have to click the “Load” button and let the program load the BIOS version. Choose the BIOS file with the rom extension and open any other BIOS accessible online. The next step is to choose the GPU, and set the “Overdrive Limits”. This step is very important as it influences the specifications of the sliders and their highest possible values in the Wattman.

Once you have done it, you can set the “Power and Voltage”. This affects the maximum values in the Wattman for the slider Frequency/ Voltage and the Power Limit. You have to set the “Frequencies” and change the fan curves as per requirements. You have to save the content with “Save” into the MorePowerTool settings file with the altered PowerPlayTables. You can reload the saved BIOS as it serves as a template for the new BIOS. The next step is to flash the BIOS back to the card.

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